The 5 nominees for “Best Mobile Game” are…

Mashable is a very popular website for any tech savy and social media interest individual. With a reported 30+ million monthly pageviews, it stands as one of the most visited websites in the world.

In 2007 they started what was known as ‘Open Web Awards’ to recognise the best online communities and services in the world. Winners in 2007 included Twitter, Facebok, Google to name a few. In its 4th installment, Mashable Awards (as it is known today) will be held on a grand scale in Las Vegas in 2011 on the 6th of January.

So the nominations began in September 2010 and narrowed down to the top 5 from each category on the 1st of December. We were overwhelmed that our game ‘Colombo Ride 3D‘ was also in that elite list of ‘final 5’ for the Mashable Awards 2010! A big hand must go to the fans of our game for nominating the game enthusiastically. The majority of the votes I believe came from 3 communities (Twitter, Facebook and Empire Avenue).

The final voting is taking place as I blog away and its heartening to see so many fans still giving their time to vote for our game. Although the most downloaded game ‘Angry Birds’ is also in the same category, our fans are giving their best to name our game number 1 at Mashable Awards. 🙂

So after the final 5 were announced by Vadim Lavrusik officially on Mashable, the site also put up articles mentioning the ‘final 5’ in 4 of the 25 categories. I thought they were going to do this for all the categories but after waiting for more such mentions I came to the conclusion that the site only mentioned the categories that had been sponsored. So I thought I give my own guide to the 5 nominees in the ‘Best Mobile Game’ category. So here goes…

Angry Birds

A game that needs little introduction with over 40 million downloads so far. Angry Birds is a game in which players use a slingshot to launch birds at buildings which is populated with at least 1 pig. The object is to eliminate the pigs on the playfield to move to the next level. More details here –


A game where you can blow up the opposition by throwing grenades at them. The game has 30 different levels with each having its own fun and difficulty added in.  More details here –


Ability to play the game in 5 different modes, its another puzzle game in which you swap adjacent blocks to create groups and eliminating groups of 4 or more. A modern version of Tetris you may say. More details here –

Colombo Ride 3D

Well, well, well, what have we here? A 3D mobile game where you ride on the roads of Colombo playing a taxi driver. Ability to select the type of vehicle you want (Three Wheel vehicle (aka a Tuk-Tuk that is commonly used as a rental vehicle in Sri Lanka, a taxi car or a van) and one of the 3 areas of Colombo and you are off on the roads of Colombo picking passengers and dropping them off. With guidance using voice commands and an arrow navigator, the game objective is to accumulate as much cash as possible. With a few drops, it would be necessary to refill the fuel tank or service the vehicle (if there are any damages). Refrain from going over the speed limit else the police will come chasing you.

Oh yea, you can also be the police and go chasing thiefs. Bored playing on your own? You can connect with a friend via bluetooth and play in 2 player mode too. All this with the language of your choice (Sinhala, Tamil, English).

Hey, hold on, why so much details for this game and not others you may ask? Well cause I am biased and its our game we are talking about here 🙂

More details here – (Put a ‘Like’ and join with our fanpage 🙂 )

Download the game for free here –

Oh yea, almost forgot, we also introduced a music video for the game, you can view it here –

Texting of the bread

A game where you type to go from one level to the next. To add to the fun, the game comes in 3 modes: Arcade, Freeplay, Survival. If you can type well on a touch screen or want to perfect that texting skill, then give a shot at this game. More details here –

So there you have it, the 5 nominations for ‘Best Mobile Game’ in the 2010 edition of Mashable Awards. The voting ends on the 15th of December so go ahead to the site and vote. You can vote once per category per day.

Link to vote for ‘Best Mobile Game’ at Mashable Awards –


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