Sanga’s decision & road ahead for Sri Lanka cricket to win 2015 world cup

So after an exciting world cup period, Sri Lanka came ever so close to winning the cup again, but were beaten by a better side on the day. This blogpost is not about what went wrong and whom to blame for the loss, rather its more about what Sri Lanka can take out of it and prepare for the next world cup happening in Australia in 2015.

Sanga resigns as captain of ODI/T20A few days after returning back home, Kumar Sangakkara handed in his resignation as captain of Sri Lanka. Many including myself were at first surprised at his decision since he was in good form having been the third highest scorer in the 2011 World Cup. Many were speculating that politics had something to do with it, and also that there was a rift between Sanga and the selection committee about playing Murali instead of Mendis. I am not one for talking about such nonsensical conspiracy theories and I feel that after taking all things into consideration, Sanga did what any good leader would do after a long fought battle. Here are my reasons why Sanga’s decision was the right one at the right time:

  • He is 33 years+ and by the time the 2015 comes by, he would be 37+. That doesn’t mean that he won’t be playing the 2015 World Cup, but with age, there might be a possibility that younger players might do well and perform better than him. So if he was going to keep hold to his captaincy, then it would create a rift amongst players and have a bad impact on preparing for the 2015 World Cup.
  • With age, its not easy taking on the responsibility of being captain, wicket keeper and number 3 batsmen. That’s just taking the toll on him so after a good stint as captain and at an end of a big tournament, what better way to say its time someone else took over so that the road can be paved for a successful hunt for the 2015 World Cup.
  • Even though we don’t see from a fan prospective, there have been a few young players who have been groomed to take over the captaincy. Chamara Kapugedara and Angelo Mathews are two such players who have been in the eyes of the SLC. But with Kapu’s current poor form, chances of him being given a captains role would be disastrous (no offence to Kapu). So Angelo Mathews although only 23+, has the potential of leading a team as was shown during his stint as the captain of the U-19 team for the 2005 tour of England. some might argue that he is too young, but let’s not forget that Graeme Smith was only 22 when he took over captaincy for South Africa and he led from the front.
  • A good clean slate to start things over. With Mahela also stepping down from vice captaincy, its good time to give confidence to two young players to set thAngelo Mathewse stage for the 2015 world cup. A good healthy partnership is needed between Captain and vice captain so a good 4 years should prove ample.
  • Sanga & Mahela would still be in the team and although captain has a big role to play, when it comes to making decisions during a match, it has always been a combined effort. We have seen it many a times with senior players discussing in the middle on what to do. With all due respect to Sanga, I feel that Mahela still did think about the gameplay and what was needed to be executed during most of the games.
  • A captain needs respect and I feel that Angelo Mathews with his form and coolness, will get the respect from the team to lead them through thick and thin.

Yes, its not going to be easy to feel the change but its for the betterment as we challenge ourselves to go forth to win the 2015 World Cup. Let’s hope the new selection committee will make the right decision in selecting a worthy leader…

All in all, Sanga has been a great leader and a great inspiration to all of us whether it be in the sporting arena or in a boardroom. He will be remembered as a great leader who has rendered a great service as a servant to Sri Lanka cricket. I optimistically hope to see Sanga play and share the experience in the 2015 world cup.

Feel free to put a comment about what I have said above. Do you agree?

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Photo credit – Kumar Sangakkara – © Manoj Ridimahaliyadda | Angelo Mathews – © AFP
3 Responses to “Sanga’s decision & road ahead for Sri Lanka cricket to win 2015 world cup”
  1. Danny says:

    Graeme Smith was only 22 when he was captain, but what did that do to his cricket career? Smith is a shadow of the batsmen he used to be, and many people I have spoken to say that he is in the team only because he is the captain.

    I don’t think this was the right time for Sanga to step down. And I don’t think Mathews is the right replacement right now. He’s too young and too immature to take on such an important role as captain. Captaining under-19 is one thing, captaining an international team that is followed not by just us, but people around the world who will question his every decision is something he is not ready for. In my opinion, he’ll make a great captain, but he is far too immature and needs to understand everything about the game, if he wants to be successful in the role. I think it’s best to give it to him when he is ready for, rather giving it prematurely and then seeing him fail.

    I think the idea of giving it to him 2 year before the World Cup, if he can be consistent, is the best decision the selectors can take. Also he has a knee injury he has been carrying since he played in school, and if he wants to have a long career, he needs a long lay off to have that fixed.

  2. Zenia D'cunha says:

    Really well-written! My personal favorite is – “This blogpost is not about what went wrong and whom to blame for the loss, rather its more about what Sri Lanka can take out of it and prepare for the next world cup happening in Australia in 2015.”
    its tough as a fan to look beyond what has happened and I still dont completely understand Sanga & Mahela’s decision to be honest…
    Hope Sri Lankan cricket picks up from here, Matthews is a good choice.
    Till then enjoy Sanga’s special breed of captaincy during IPL, go chargers!!!

  3. A good point of view.. If im not mistaken they groomed Jehan Mubarak for this place.. I don’t know y he didn’t perform.. what made thing wrong.. He had all characteristics of a good captain.. Look at the provincial team that he leads..

    Past is past.. we have to live with what we have.. Dilshan will not make a good captain, but no choice.. Angelo has to be safe guarded for sometimes and groomed properly.. otherwise its gonna be a disaster.. Anyway we can’t expect much on 2015 world cup..

    Only way out is: Dilshan has to work on his personality and the attitude.. fans should push him to become a good leaser.. Higher some good trainers and groom him..

    Money that spend on grooming Dilshan won’t go waste, coz if Dilshan fails succeeders will follow those training and Sri Lankan team will become a truly world class..


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