London Riots and Looting

London in chaos

A weekend to forget for UK as riots erupted following the alleged shooting of Mark Duggan by the police.

A few minutes ago, a school colleague who now works for Goldman Sachs in London put a message on his fb wall saying

Just drove through some serious scenes of looting near Enfield. Manager at Best Buy is not going to be pleased tmmrw morning!’

Some serious looting seems to be going on in Enfield and the news has moved its way to twitter as well as #Enfiled has become a trending topic worldwide. There was one tweet that caught my eye and it was this tweeted by @Darahgna (Angharad John)

RT this, let’s get this IDIOT posing with his loot caught..

The image that Angharad has posted shows a person posing with what looks like the items that he had looted. If it is true, it would be one thing not to do with social networks for sure!Well, people are retweeting the image to help get him apprehended.

Below shows the picture, recognise him? You know what to do next then

Tottenham Looter may later regret posing with his loot.. #Enfield & #tottenham

Images sources –


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