Open Letter to Lasith Malinga

Lasith Malinga - Destiny says it all

Lasith Malinga - Destiny says it all

Dear Malinga,

It is indeed a great honour to see you give your heart-out when bowling, be it for Sri Lanka or for your adopted foreign team ‘Mumbai Indians’. Although I have very little interest in how well Mumbai Indians do, its no doubt a great achievement from your end to see you win matches for them.

With the England test tour, you decided to call it quits to your test career. Maybe you had ideas of it for a while too before making it public. I guess we as fans should very much respect your decision.

Life is for the living, having a financial stability makes things easier. I am guessing that you are by now, well-off compared to when you started out your cricketing career. It must have been a difficult period for you when you got injured and the then management even had the guts to leave you in the deep end without a central contract. Maybe you had to go through a hard time not knowing what your future may hold should your performance drop or were dropped from the team altogether. And when the opportunity came with you performing at your peak and the IPL contracts, it was decision time since your ‘destiny’ was in your hands and you had to do what was best for you and your country.

I also agree that in order for you to prolong your international career (considering your past injuries), best option would be to stick to ODIs and T20s. However, let’s consider briefly the circumstances of the Sri Lankan test squad.

We had Murali retiring and Vaas was dropped. Two veterans who had served Sri Lanka with many a wins were no more. We had no real match winning bowler left in our team and it has clearly reflected in the test matches we played since then. But in reality, we do have a match winning bowler who can turn things in the blink of an eye… its you.

As a Sri Lankan fan, it has been painful to watch matches ever since the World Cup final. I am not going to touch on the political influences/problems etc but I sure hope you would reconsider joining the test team, at least till we can form a stable test team. With us performing poorly in the test matches, the mentality of the players are not in the greatest shape as well once they have to shift to ODIs.

I don’t know exactly what you were thinking when the picture shown above was taken, but I am guessing you were thinking of what your future holds and what you can play in shaping Sri Lankan cricket and the future of your family and your future generation. And I humbly hope that, if you’re reading this, you would just once reflect on your decision and see if you could dedicate a few years with our test team and get us out of this rot, your contribution is highly missed.

“Destiny says it all” – Let’s give our Sri Lankan cricket team the destiny it deserves.

Yours sincerely,

Gihan Fernando.

A die hard Sri Lanka cricket fan.

6 Responses to “Open Letter to Lasith Malinga”
  1. Even though we like to see him in white kits again, I don’t think it is possible with the knee injury he has got 😦

  2. Malinga is a match winner and not having him for Tests does hurt. His decision to opt out has a valid reason. One man can’t win a Test match. This letter shouldn’t be written to someone who performs well rather should be written to the ones who don’t. He played well in CLT20 but his commitment was far better when he played for the nation in the same format or any format for that matter. It hurts as a fan when you see Malinga performing well wearing the MI jersey, but its don’t be too harsh on the bloke..

  3. Yoshitha Kulatunga says:

    I think its better he is off the test squash if its his knee ! He has a kid now to think about and a family too. Even though we are die hard cricket fans, lets accept it. But I just want Malinga to focus 100% on Sri Lankan team and its ODI and T20 please before Mumbai Indians!

  4. Agree with Nazly; one man cannot do a difference in a test team. At least on a consistent basis, even though Malinga may be able to do a stunning performances here and there to pull couple of test victories solely on his individual performance.

    What Sri Lanka should look at now is, a radical change (with longer term objectives) in the test squad, like the changes New Zealand did during late 90’s with Lee Germon, or the changes Australia did after 1996 world cup (maintaining clearly two different squads for ODI’s and for tests).

    Problem with our test squad is, they consist of largely the ODI (and IPL) specialists. Their soul is not behind the spirit of test cricket. We need people like Hashan, Mavan, Gurusinghe, Murali and Vass coming into the squad who are naturally “built” for test cricket both physically and mentally.

    • “We need people like Hashan, Mavan, Gurusinghe, Murali and Vass coming into the squad who are naturally “built” for test cricket both physically and mentally.”

      What I wanted to say was, players with same caliber. Not that, I wanted them to make a come back, which is obviously impossible 🙂

  5. Fact : He is not intend to resign from Test cricket due to injury, he received contract renewed consecutively with MI with handful of extra benefits. In IPL yes he took handful of wickets and wickets took games for the win, in International arena its total difference. I’v no idea about our managements home works prior tours or series. But whole world do their home works specially against Malinga. So he may not getting frequent wickets as done in IPL. IPL short form of game, even best players trying extra ordinary things. And his yokers gets them off.

    Malinga left test coz of his personal reasons, not coz only for injury. if he really concerned the injury he may try to avoid the risk of IPL too. It’s some thing like a benefit less labor works for a Company. “Apita one nam api weda karanwa neththan ona ekekta kiyala weda kara ganin” this is the theory.

    He should prioritize the duty. This is not only his job, this also a national duty and he became national icon who shines island name.

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