Sri Lankan Entrepreneurs – A growing list

There is no better time to be an entrepreneur

If you thought for a minute that there are only a handful of entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka, then you are clearly mistaken or misguided.

This article is purely written in the hope that more Sri Lankans would turn to being entrepreneurs after realising the many existing entrepreneurs amongst us.

Before this gets deep, its worth mentioning that not everyone should turn into being an entrepreneur. I don’t exactly know whether entrepreneurs are born or made but if you think you would want to take a step at being an entrepreneur, then you have already made your decision. Working for someone else is perfectly fine, cause we must remember that even if we had our own company, we might still have to work on projects of another. In the end, its all about being happy with what you do.

Most entrepreneurs don’t really take advice from others, they do what comes naturally based on their gut feelings. They might share an idea with a friend (or friends/strangers eager to listen) and might even get their idea rejected, but that won’t stop them from pursuing their passion if they feel that it has potential. Cause, in the end, the most important factor is that they are not afraid to fail/lose. It makes their heart beat twice as fast knowing they are making an attempt at turning an idea from the cloud into reality. I don’t know how many of you have felt that experience, but when its there, its the best and nothing can come in your way or make you feel down. Obstacles would be seen as only an opportunity to do things well and just a moment to cross the road in the middle of traffic.

It’s now easier than ever to launch a tech (or any other) company. The technology is cheap, its in abundance, the social networks are in place to drive your message.. what more can you ask for?

Sri Lanka might be regarded as a developing country but I guess its not really too much to think of it as that since with technology, the world is flat and its only your determination that really matters in making your company a success. Thinking big or small is upto you, as long as that is what you want to do and not what others want you to do.

As promised at the start, here are a few Sri Lankans who have recently started out as entreprenuers and making a name for themselves taking the risks that come with it, working 7 days a week for some years to come, so that their dreams can be made a reality.

How about you? Are you waiting for things to happen, or are you going to do something about it and make it happen? Go for it!

Sampath Dassanayake – Founder/CEO of Enabler (Pvt) Ltd

Aslam Najeebdeen – Founder of Frontcube

Santhusha Jayathilaka – Proprietor of Udubaddawa Nisala Nenasala

Manoj Ranaweera – Founder of Edocr

Arunoda Susiripala – Co-Founder of KodeInCloud

Sanjiva Weerawarana – Founder, CEO of WSO2

Dulith Herath – CEO of Kapruka

Duleepa Wijayawardhana – CEO of Empire Avenue

W.K. H. Wegapitiya – Chairman of Laugfs Holdings Ltd

Sameer Hussain – CEO of Cenango

Praveena Sarathchandra – Founder of MyBiz

Sabreen Reffai -Director RedLine Technologies

Tony Weerasinghe – CEO of MilleniumIT (MIT)

Dinesh Saparamadu – CEO of hSenid

Sanath Fernando – CEO of Ridgecrest Asia (Pvt) Ltd

Indika Jayapala – Founder of Ribelz

Harsha Purasinghe – CEO of MicroImage

Rajitha Dahanayake – Founder, CEO of eMarketingEye

Ishara Gooneratne – MD of Blaze Media

Nayana Dehigama – MD of Epic Lanka

Prageeth Sandakalum – MD of Excelsior Research (Pvt) Ltd

Sandaruwan Gunathilake – co-Founder of Medical Joyworks

Haneez Haroon – MD of Catalyst Interactive

Tharindu Meepegama -Proprietor of IDawn Group

Joe Lenora – Heads We Are Designers

Dilantha Nanayakkara – CEO of Open Path IT

Chandika Jayasundara – CEO of Cinergix

Kris Canekeratne – CEO of Virtusa

Yasas Abeywickrama – CEO of Lanka BPO Academy

S H Mohanjith – Proprietor of Mohanjith

Chamara Peiris – CEO of Xiteb (Pvt) Ltd

Fathhi Mohamed – CEO of Cheerurteam

Presantha Jayamaha – MD of Pyxle

Dr. Ravi Liyanage – Chairman, Kingdom of Raigam

Sesiri Pathirana – CEO, CenturyWare

Ruwindu Peiris – Director, STAX

Mangala Karunarathna – Managing Partner, Calcey Technologies

Dinesh Rodrigo – MD/CEO, Interblocks

Chaminda Ranasinghe – CEO, IDEAHUB

Sushena Ranatunga – MD, Four Corners

Ashan Kumar – MD, PR Wire

Indrajit Samarajiva – MD, Yamu

Chamira Jayasinghe – CEO, Arimac Lanka (Pvt) Ltd

Dilendra Wimalasekere – CEO, Eureka Technology Partners & CEO 24/7 Techies

Shan De Silva – Proprietor, Do {while} Institute of Professional Studies

(Entrepreneur count -45; List last updated – 2012 December 3rd 21:42 BST)

Btw, these are just some I have come across, many many more out there, if I missed any, please let me know via a comment and I will update the list.

Let me end this with a brief portion of Dr Seuss’s poem ‘Oh! The Places you’ll Go!

You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself any direction you choose.
You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the guy who’ll decide where to go.

11 Responses to “Sri Lankan Entrepreneurs – A growing list”
  1. great piece of writing and its a wonderful feeling to see the names of three good buddies of mine sabreen, haneez and fathi. 🙂

    Keep going guys.

  2. Dilantha says:

    Yay I made it on a list with Tony and Nayana. MIT was an awesome place to start for me. I was there when eChanneling was starting up.

  3. Gihan A Very Insightful Article, I just saw my name is also there, Thanks alot

  4. Hi Gihan, great list. Thanks for including me. Best regards Manoj

  5. J Baratha Dodankotuwa says:

    Though this is a late reply…I would like to recommend Dr. Ravi Liyanage, Chairman of Kingdom of Raigam to be listed in your important list, Mr. Gihan. I appreciate your work.

  6. Ajith Madurapperuma says:

    Great work Gihan. Will be very useful. According to AT Kearney Report there are about 350 IT / BPO companies in Sri Lanka.

    Some names just off my head
    Gihan Fernando, CEO/MD Gamos Technology Solutions)
    Sesiri Pathirana, CEO, CenturyWare
    Ruwindu Peiris, CEO, STAX
    Mangala Karunarathna, Calcey Technologies
    Dinesh Rodrigo, Interblocks
    Chaminda Ranasinghe, CEO, IDEAHUB
    Sushena Ranatunga, Four Corners

    Dr. Ajith Madurapperuma

  7. Dr. Ajith Madurapperuma says:

    Dilendra Wimalasekere – CEO, Eureka Technology Partners and CEO 24/7 Techies

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hi Gihan, This is a grt list. Thank you for adding PR Wire . Cheers.

  9. Thanks a lot for including my name here too 🙂

  10. g3kannangara says:

    Hey Gihan,
    This article is awesome!; i was doing some research on Sri Lankan Entrepreneurs and guess what this turn out to be the most inspiring article of all. Thank you

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