Why I am boycotting #SMDayCMB and why some of you should do too

Mashable is probably the most followed online magazine in the world and their initiations with social media folks has been impressive. With the 5th consecutive Social Media Day about to take place on 30th June, the folks behind organising the Sri Lankan version (or Colombo version more like) have had great success and on the 29th June, the 3rd consecutive SMday would be held in Colombo and….. I am boycotting it.

Why, you may ask? So that those who joined recently can get an opportunity to attend such an event since its very limited. With the first set of invites sent out, I noticed that most of the ‘veteran’ folks on twitter got their invites including the Nalin’s, Gopi’s, Budu’s etc etc. But is that what SMday is about? A gathering of known folks to have a free meal, get a free tshirt and then troll the presentations?


@rothbourne processing registrations Photo credit @AmiSampath (source https://twitter.com/Amisampath/status/478874756309979137)

I think my point of giving opporunity to majority of recent tweeps is further justified as Mashable promotes #1Connection. Basically its a way to encourage folks on twitter to explore tweeps outside of the usual suspects that we normally tweet at and meet in real life.

So with limited registrations (as far as I am aware, only about 300 seats are available and there are over 500 who registered!), why not give the majority of those invites to new folks who haven’t even  been to a #SMDayCMB before! Think about it, it also encourages the reach for the organising brands too since the earlier folks are already aware and have had the good treatment from the sponsor via tshirts etc. They already have one #SMdayCMB branded tshirt, give the next one to a new tweep maybe? In order to keep the ‘engagement’ reach to an acceptable level its always wise to invite few veterans but lets hope its not the majority.

Those of us who have already been to our first such event know how exciting it was to meet some of the tweeps we tweet at, whether it be about cricket, politics, religion, bantering about and arguing online, let’s give a chance to the new folks to actually meet each other in person to really make it count on #SMday. Maybe Mashable is asking only for 1connection, but by inviting more new folks to #SMdayCMB, I am sure we can get more engaging tweeps in future in Sri Lanka once they are given a chance to break that online enviornment and meet tweeps in real life. I hope the organisers would take this request into consideration when the next set of invites are sent!



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