Boycott visiting Sri Lanka, a land to avoid #lka

Call me a traitor but I’ve had it. It’s time we had less visitors to Sri Lanka. Why, you may ask?

Let’s go back to the past. A small country like ours has been in the interest of many countries, we’ve had many invading her to enjoy the lust greenery and our mouth watering traditional dishes which the Europeans mostly embraced. And we are bunch of friendly people saying ok to all these tourists.

Tourist – “We are going to own your piece of land”

Sri Lankan (with a bloody idioitic face with a beaming smile) – “sure, here you go”

Me: FacePALM!!

While I was studying in the UK, a friend (who is now a Doc) told me as a joke that the reason why they invaded us was just so that they can finally eat something tasty, and its true! It’s not a joke, these people come and taste one small bit of pol-sambol and they want to bloody live here! Bloody tourists!

And with our island being placed in a strategic location for much trade, even now we have China, India, Japan and other countries bending over backwards to our ruling King and pampering him with loans and funding to give the whole generation of Rajapaksa’s enough for the next 3 generations at least. (kidding, kidding, my horoscope says I will live till I am 120 so just doing a small test to see whether its at least partly true, chi-chi if you are reading this, come save my arse)… anyway..

So if you bloody foreigners have any idea of coming here (yes we have peace now, but look at all these news items which go on about the racism here and where one can’t walk freely in this country, even if its not true, you people should read and get warnings from your respective governments and stay the F at home), go visit Maldives and try to make it your home instead.

Sri Lanka is a tiny island, we have 21 million citizens here, we don’t want you to also come and bloody ask for citizenship and then get the future president Namal to give your religious leader Yoda’s birthday also a freaking public holiday and what not. Bloody please, wadinnam, stay at home and save that money, apita paw nodi.



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