#ProjectLoon launched in #SriLanka – The facts & myths revealed

Internet is a good thing. Internet is a bad thing. Internet is accessible for all. Internet is not available for all. What is the truth?

Internet is indeed a good thing. The internet provides a gateway for us to access the world wide web (That is just one feature of the internet). Through the www, we have access to upto the minute information from political news to the latest breakthroughs in any field (specially the tech field).

Internet is indeed a bad thing. Through the internet, it allows hackers to control your connected devices if its not safely connected. It gives you access to unnecessary content which not only waste your time, but also hurts your health (since you could get agitated for no reason, thus increasing your blood pressure etc..). Gossip, political mud slinging are just a few examples.

Internet is accessible for all. For people in Colombo at least, we have very good coverage. So we assume everyone else does too. So we create solutions thinking that everyone has equal opportunties to access it.

Internet is not available for all. Yes, there are some parts in Sri Lanka (and other parts of the world too) where internet is not accessible due to various reasons, mostly it being that service providers have no way to create a link to set up bases to transmit signal for them to access.

So that is where Project Loon comes in. It gives a means for service providers to share the Loon Balloons (aka ‘floating cell towers’) offered by Google thereby reducing transmission costs and as a result reduce costs in internet plans to the end user.

Today (28th July 2015), Project Loon was officially launched with signing by government of Sri Lanka and Google.

Myth – This does not mean that Google will take over telecom companies and the telecom companies will go bust (at least not in the near future). It just means that Google AND the telecom providers will work TOGETHER to bring about a solution. So next time you go say ‘ha ha to Dialog or Mobitel’, remember that its them laughing at you. 🙂

Myth 2 – and no, you are not a stone throw away from any of those balloons, they will be at an altitude safe from direct contact with citizens below. So don’t worry, no one will be able to throw stones or try to bring them down, why would anyone want to do that anyway? The balloons are there for our benefit.loon-altitudeIs Facebook co-founder Chamith Palihapitya related to this – Yes, through support of LotusFlare where Chamith is chairperson, and Project RAMA.

Have a look at this 2 min video too to get educated. Go Google or Bing more by typing ‘Project Loon’. We need an educated society, use the internet for it, go on, if anyone can, Sri Lankan!


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