#noNL4Defeated – Peaceful meetup by SM users to discourage defeated candidates getting into Parliament

Date – 22nd August 2015 (Saturday) Time – 2pm to 4pm Location – Independence Sq, Colombo. What to bring – Blank placards, banners, magic markers (different colors, or just black). If you are bringing own placards with words, please abstain from mentioning any name of candidates, we want an impartial attempt to voice together, without … Continue reading

Float like a butterfly, Vote like a Bee: This is the #GenElecSL story for the open minded #lka voter

“Manners maketh man” -William Horman The 15th Parliament for Sri Lanka is going to be elected with the General Elections happening on the 17th August 2015. If you are allowed to vote (you can check via this link) then you need to vote by 4pm (not a single minute after). The gates open at 7am … Continue reading

Faking it on twitter: The Sri Lankan story

Twitter is a micro blogging platform, a medium in which one is able to express in 140 characters. At least that’s how it started. Now you can attach images, put gif animations and also share videos via twitter. A social media platform evolves, that is why its not just media, but ‘social’. Social encapsulates the … Continue reading