#noNL4Defeated – Peaceful meetup by SM users to discourage defeated candidates getting into Parliament

Date – 22nd August 2015 (Saturday)

Time – 2pm to 4pm

Location – Independence Sq, Colombo.

What to bring – Blank placards, banners, magic markers (different colors, or just black). If you are bringing own placards with words, please abstain from mentioning any name of candidates, we want an impartial attempt to voice together, without exposing any names or parties.

What to wear – Casual, preferably white (bring a bandana if you want to cover your face from being identified when press takes pictures (we have invited few).

Why should you come – It is to highlight and to make awareness to the public and the candidates that although the constitution allows such, we don’t want ANY defeated candidates from getting 2nd shot at Parliament. This has over the years allowed some to always sneak in. The public has had enough. We are sick of this abuse by parties to just ignore the voice of the people.

So come, let’s unite against the corrupt politicians and the loopholes that they try to abuse us with. Enough is enough. Although the National List is gazetted, we can still pressure the parties to remove them. We can, if we believe 100%, and we can, working together.

Leave your party politics aside when coming. Do this for the greater good for all.

See the progress on twitter via this link

FB event page via this link


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