#ProjectLoon launched in #SriLanka – The facts & myths revealed

Internet is a good thing. Internet is a bad thing. Internet is accessible for all. Internet is not available for all. What is the truth? Internet is indeed a good thing. The internet provides a gateway for us to access the world wide web (That is just one feature of the internet). Through the www, … Continue reading

Hambantota IT Park : prospects, opportunities and challenges

The government of Sri Lanka has big plans for the improvement of the IT sector with targets of making it into a $1 billion industry by 2016. Dubbed incorrectly (AFAIK ‘Orion City‘ came about in 2007-08) as the ‘first IT park in Sri Lanka’, ‘Hambantota IT park’ seems to be an infrastructure in place to … Continue reading

Sri Lankan Entrepreneurs – A growing list

If you thought for a minute that there are only a handful of entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka, then you are clearly mistaken or misguided. This article is purely written in the hope that more Sri Lankans would turn to being entrepreneurs after realising the many existing entrepreneurs amongst us. Before this gets deep, its worth … Continue reading

The 5 nominees for “Best Mobile Game” are…

Mashable is a very popular website for any tech savy and social media interest individual. With a reported 30+ million monthly pageviews, it stands as one of the most visited websites in the world. In 2007 they started what was known as ‘Open Web Awards’ to recognise the best online communities and services in the … Continue reading

A session at November edition of Refresh Colombo

Nazly and Aloka had invited me to do a session at Refresh Colombo sometime back. So after a busy time releasing our mobile game, it was an opportunity to go for the much talked about tech talk event in town. With a few slides (and a few ‘Colombo Ride’ branded tshirts) in hand, I came … Continue reading

Game lecture at UoM for CSE students

Last week I got an opportunity to give a lecture (it had been sometime since I last gave a lecture at UoM) to some 80 odd 2nd year students from CSE at the University of Moratuwa. It was a 2 hour slot and a chance to give my 2 cents into the game industry and … Continue reading