Why I am boycotting #SMDayCMB and why some of you should do too

Mashable is probably the most followed online magazine in the world and their initiations with social media folks has been impressive. With the 5th consecutive Social Media Day about to take place on 30th June, the folks behind organising the Sri Lankan version (or Colombo version more like) have had great success and on the … Continue reading

I have a little story to tell, it involves books and a future for Sri Lanka

15th March 2013 was no ordinary day. An event was about to take place in a school somewhere in Trincomalee. It was no ordinary event. Around 200 students from 12 schools gathered for it along with respective teachers and principles. At the event there were some energetic youth (strangers) who had arrived from Colombo. The … Continue reading

Hambantota IT Park : prospects, opportunities and challenges

The government of Sri Lanka has big plans for the improvement of the IT sector with targets of making it into a $1 billion industry by 2016. Dubbed incorrectly (AFAIK ‘Orion City‘ came about in 2007-08) as the ‘first IT park in Sri Lanka’, ‘Hambantota IT park’ seems to be an infrastructure in place to … Continue reading

Twitter Power - Hashtags

Sri Lankan television networks, its time to Hashtag (#) programmes

If you are a regular twitter user in Sri Lanka, you would have noticed by now a few local hashtags such as #sajje and #FASL being used by tweeps regularly. Firstly, hashtags are fun cause it gives a common topic for tweeps to tweet about. It also allows us to connect with new people who … Continue reading

Sri Lankan Entrepreneurs – A growing list

If you thought for a minute that there are only a handful of entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka, then you are clearly mistaken or misguided. This article is purely written in the hope that more Sri Lankans would turn to being entrepreneurs after realising the many existing entrepreneurs amongst us. Before this gets deep, its worth … Continue reading

Lasith Malinga - Destiny says it all

Open Letter to Lasith Malinga

Dear Malinga, It is indeed a great honour to see you give your heart-out when bowling, be it for Sri Lanka or for your adopted foreign team ‘Mumbai Indians’. Although I have very little interest in how well Mumbai Indians do, its no doubt a great achievement from your end to see you win matches … Continue reading

Richard Branson (sockless) [pic taken from his blog]

More than a twitter conversation with Richard Branson

So 4th of October 2011 was when Richard Branson opened up to a conversation on twitter. Prior to this, he was merely broadcasting his thoughts/voyagers/experiences instead of actually having a conversation with anyone on the twittersphere. This was his tweet that prompted twitter followers to converse with him: Join me for live-tweeting at 3.30pm BST … Continue reading

Colombo International Book Fair 2011

A reflection – Colombo International Book Fair 2011

The 13th Colombo Book Fair concluded last month (September) on the 25th day. As someone who had a few stalls there, my reaction based on sales and crowd was that it was a roaring success. Even without having a prime spot for the stalls, we were able to draw in a big crowd towards our … Continue reading

TweetupSL 2 - The Cake, coutesy @PereraAndSons

TweetupSL 2 – Sri Lankan twitter users meet up in person

The Tipping Point A small group of individuals accidently created the first Tweetup in Sri Lanka. It was when @udaraumd, @moshanthi and @rebelinpurple were discussing on Twitter about meeting up. A few others joined in tweeting to meetup in person too. This ultimately resulted in having the first Tweetup in Sri Lanka with just over … Continue reading

London Riots and Looting

A weekend to forget for UK as riots erupted following the alleged shooting of Mark Duggan by the police. A few minutes ago, a school colleague who now works for Goldman Sachs in London put a message on his fb wall saying Just drove through some serious scenes of looting near Enfield. Manager at Best … Continue reading