#RanaViruMeetup 2

ඔබේත් මගේත් මාතෘ භූමියේ නිදහස හා සාමය වෙනුවෙන් සිදුවූ මානුෂීය මෙහෙයුමේදී ආබාධිත වූ සෙබල සොයුරන් සදහා, රාගම රණවිරු සෙවනේ ඉල්ලීම පරිදි, දෙවන වතාවටත් රෝද පුටු 20ක් පරිත්‍යාග කිරීම සදහා ව්‍යාපෘතියක් කරගෙන යන්නෙමු. රෝදපුටු පිරි නැමීම ජුලි 23 වන සෙනසුරාදා දින රාගම රණවිරු සෙවනේදී පැවැත්වෙන අතර මේ අවස්ථාව සදහා ඔබටද සහභාගී විය හැක. මේ සදහා රුපියල් … Continue reading

Connecting #lka tweeps for quicker blood donation matches http://www.bloodlka.com

‘A place to connect with strangers’, that would be my immediate reply if someone asked me to describe Twitter in 6 words. Most of us reading this blog would more or less have clicked on a link on twitter, so the audience is right, please do keep reading, it will get a bit more interesting, … Continue reading

11 reasons why you should boycott #TweetupSL 5

Twitter is nice. Some say nicer than Facebook or even that other social network Google+. It’s more fun than LinkedIn cause people are serious on that and mostly used for job hunting and to show a good face to other work colleagues and potential job hunters. So when Twitter users (Tweeps) want to get out … Continue reading

Why I am boycotting #SMDayCMB and why some of you should do too

Mashable is probably the most followed online magazine in the world and their initiations with social media folks has been impressive. With the 5th consecutive Social Media Day about to take place on 30th June, the folks behind organising the Sri Lankan version (or Colombo version more like) have had great success and on the … Continue reading

A reflection – Colombo International Book Fair 2011

Colombo International Book Fair 2011

The 13th Colombo Book Fair concluded last month (September) on the 25th day. As someone who had a few stalls there, my reaction based on sales and crowd was that it was a roaring success. Even without having a prime spot for the stalls, we were able to draw in a big crowd towards our … Continue reading